Mary Margaret & Ashton

April 17, 2021 • Lafayette, LA

Mary Margaret & Ashton

April 17, 2021 • Lafayette, LA

Our Story

One weekend in August 2018, after attending a baby shower some friends and I found ourselves all dressed and nowhere to go! So, we headed to Corner Bar Youngsville to meet up with a group of people. While there a guy (Ashton) a friend of a friend came to our table and introduced himself. Unbeknownst to me at the time it took much convincing by his friends to do so. Little did I know that chance meeting that weekend would be the beginning of something wonderful!

Fast forward several weeks later to my birthday weekend, same friends and I after dinner headed to Scandals to continue celebrating my birthday. I was having a fantastic night and it got even better. A guy (Ashton who was there celebrating his brother’s birthday) walked up to me and said:

"Hey do you remember me?" -Ashton

"I am sorry I do not." -Margaret *looking confused*

"I met you a few weeks back at Corner Bar Youngsville." -Ashton

"Oh yes yes yes!" -Margaret *instantly remember him*

"I wanted to let you know that you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." - Ashton

*I look at my myself in confusion and always being self conscience about my weight* "Really? Me? I am a little thick!" -Margaret

"Well thick thighs - save lives!" -Ashton

*In shock and thinking that was the BEST answer of all time*

We continued to visit and realized we had a lot of mutual acquaintances, we are the same age, both from Lafayette and graduated the same year from different schools. We exchanged numbers and have talked everyday since.

We often talk about how we are surprised our paths never crossed until this, but we believe everything happens for a reason. Ashton says that he knew from the moment he met me that he was going to marry me. I, however, took a little bit more convincing. Ashton has turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

December 25th, 2018: Ashton asked me to be his girlfriend at his grandfather's house with a beautiful gold necklace with a circle diamond pendent.

December 25th, 2019: Ashton asked me to be his wife at my grandmother's house with my grandmother sitting right next to me and surrounded by my family. He had my dream ring made and I was completely in shock!

April 17th, 2021: We are getting married at the church I grew up in and having my dream reception in my grandmother's backyard on the Vermilion River.

Ashton and I are excited to start our lives as husband and wife in April. We look forward to celebrating with you all!


Mary Margaret Billeaud & Ashton Thibodeaux